Paula Walls
 Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor

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Bookkeeping Services
Paula Walls Accounting Services
Publishing Administration and Project Tracking

 Reconcile Bank Accounts and Credit Card Accounts
 Prepare Invoicing
 Maintain Accounts Payable
 Maintain Accounts Receivable
 Prepare Payroll and Tax Payments
 File Quarterly and year end 940/941 Payroll Reports
 Prepare year end W2/W3 Forms
 Preapre year end 1099/1096 Forms
 Maintain General Ledgers
 Inventory Accounting
 Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
 Prepare City and County Business and Sales Tax
 Organize and Prepare Tax Data for CPAs

We provide a variety of Accounting Services which is tailored to your specific company needs. Below is a highlighted list of our services. 
​Track job cost on recording projects and special events
File AFM and AFTRA contracts
Publishing Administration and document organization
​Prepare Mechanical Licenses
Prepare Royalty Statements
Business Management Consulting
Establish Corporate Charter and Business License
Facilitate loan negotiaions with Banking Institutions
Legal and IRS Collaboration
Communicate with State of TN Department of Revenue
Coordinate meetings and events
Evaluate and analyze internal processes
Establish policies and procedures
Perform internal audits